Fun, practical or weird: we love innovative ideas when building a custom home

The design phase is one of the most exciting parts of building a custom home. This is the part where you can choose the finishes, pick colors, decide what you want your bathroom to look like and much more. It is also the stage where you can opt to incorporate fun and innovative ideas in your design, giving you a finished product that is uniquely yours.

One of the benefits of working with SC Bireley Builders is that we regularly employ innovative techniques and technology into our home design plans. We believe that these are some of the most exciting ways to customize a home that will uniquely suit your South Carolina family and meet your specific objectives. Whether you want a home to be fun, functional, technologically advanced or funky, we can help your custom-built dreams come true.

What should you include?

 The right approach for building a custom home depends on how you will use the space. We work closely with you so we can understand your idea of “home” before you embark on the design process. Whether you want a solitary retreat or a sprawling abode where you and your family can gather together, some of the following innovative ideas may be beneficial in your home:

  • Incorporated USB ports
  • Upgraded and impact-rated windows
  • Steam shower or custom-designed shower
  • Home theater or outdoor entertainment space
  • Hidden garages or underground parking
  • Secret spaces or a private retreat within the home
  • Window seats and other unique spaces
  • Indoor garden space
  • Space for double refrigerators
  • Integrated ventilators or air quality systems
  • Smart home systems

The wonderful thing about custom designing and building a home is that you get to decide what makes sense for you and what you need to make a house your dream home. Working with a builder who is unafraid to implement technology and consider innovative approaches can ensure your end result is not only beautiful and practical but also unique.

Enjoy the process

 Building a home can be a complex process, but we will work diligently to make sure it’s as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Our hands-on approach means we offer our clients personal service and an enjoyable experience from start to finish. Schedule an appointment at our office to learn more about the special features you may want to include in your home.